Chapter 1: The Attack

Chapter 2: The Wounding

Chapter 3: The Operation

Chapter 4: The Plantation

Chapter 5: The Arrival

Chapter 6: The Recovery

Chapter 7: The Mission

Chapter 8: The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson

Chapter 9: The Funeral

Chapter 10: The Arm

Chapter 11: The Visitors

Chapter 12: The Decline

Chapter 13: The Restoration

Chapter 14: The Shrine

Appendix A: Timeline of the Chandler Office Building

Appendix B: Timeline of the Life of Stonewall Jackson

Appendix C: Before He Was Stonewall

Appendix D: Stonewall Jackson in Memory

Appendix E: Memorializing Jackson

Appendix F: “If Stonewall Hadn’t Gotten Shot . . . ”

Appendix G: Hunter Holmes McGuire

Appendix H: “Whatever Happened to . . . ?”

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