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Praise for The Battle of Monroe's Crossroads

“With one or two exceptions, cavalry battles are an overlooked species in writing about Civil War combat. Eric J. Wittenberg has uncovered a fascinating encounter from the war's final weeks involving colorful personalities and bold risk takers. The "fog of war" often lays thickest on cavalry engagements, where the tempo is rapid and the distances involved are much greater than line-of-sight infantry fights. Yet Wittenberg has worked through the scattered and contradictory testimony to expertly piece together a great untold tale. All the elements that we expect in great battle are here as well: high drama, command decisions good, bad, and ugly; courage and cowardice, sacrifice and fortitude. Readers both new to the genre and veteran to the literature will find much of value here.”

- Noah Andre Trudeau,
author of Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage

“Lay historians, particularly those who enjoy the nuts-and-bolts of battle, will embrace Wittenberg’s work for its flowing narrative and military details.”

- Brian D. McKnight