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Praise for The Guns of Independence

"Jerome Greene's The Guns of Indendence is a complete and balanced presentation... If you are interested in the Revolutionary War in general, or the Siege of Yorktown in particular, this book is a must."

- The Liberty Tree,
March 2005, Sons of Liberty Chapter,
SAR, Northern Los Angeles County

"A masterful account of the campaign and siege of Yorktown... [T]he first comprehensive account focused on Yorktown in many years... Well written... lively... well-paced... The Guns of Independence is likely to serve as the standard treatment of Yortown for some time to come."

- The New York Military Affairs Symposium Review

"A masterful, deeply researched, and thoroughly absorbing history of the final campaign of the American Revolution... Students of 18th-century warfare and siegecraft will find much to delight and instruct them in The Guns of Independence. It is a model campaign history, never dry or dull."

- Thomas R. Kailbourn,
Military Trader Magazine

"Greene has written the definitive study of the Yorktown siege, making a seminal and very strongly recommended contribution to American history. No academic or community library American Revolutionary History reference section can be considered complete without the inclusion of The Guns Of Independence."

- Midwest Book Review