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Table of Contents

Preface / Acknowledgments


Chapter 1: The Campaign of the Allies

Chapter 2: The Lion Comes to Yorktown

Chapter 3: The British Positions

Chapter 4: Washington Takes Command

Chapter 5: Investment

Chapter 6: The Noose Tightens

Chapter 7: The Lion at Bay

Chapter 8: On the Verge

Chapter 9: The Guns of October

Chapter 10: The Earth Trembles

Chapter 11: Night of Heroes

Chapter 12: Hopes Bright and Dim

Chapter 13: Britain Against the Sky

Chapter 14: Broken Sword

Chapter 15: Endings, Beginnings

Postscript: Thereafter

Appendix 1: Modern Photographic Gallery

Appendix 2: The Washington and Cornwallis Correspondence

Appendix 3: The Articles of Capitulation, October 19, 1781

Appendix 4: The Archaeology of the French Grand Battery Complex

Appendix 5: The Artillery at Yorktown