Praise for The Three Battles of Sand Creek

"Gregory F. Michno's new book The Three Battles of Sand Creek is a fascinating new study. I greatly admire the inclusion of the psychological motives that move people into areas of thinking that virtually amount to superstition rather than realism. He candidly moves into the difficult problems involving unbiased history, particularly when he delves into the viewpoint of the Indians, which are radically different from those held by Chivington's Colorado volunteers who had wantonly killed a number of Arapaho and Southern Cheyenne women and children. His chapter on the Sand Creek battle itself is one of the most insightful ever written about it, and all of its various interpretations and analyses."

- Dr. Robert W. Larson, retired history professor at the University of Northern Colorado and author of Red Cloud, Gall, and New Mexico's Quest for Statehood

"Greg Michno's provocative inquiries into the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre offer new fodder for those perpetually enamored of the event's complexities and conclusions. His well-crafted treatise is thought-provoking and even occasionally humorous, yet is always meaningful."

- Jerome A. Greene, author of American Carnage: Wounded Knee, 1890

"In The Three Battles of Sand Creek: In Blood, in Court, and as the End of History, Gregory Michno challenges us to look inwardly and examine our biases regarding this pivotal event of nineteenth century westward expansion. At the same time he argues for the ultimate impossibility of sorting fact from fiction about controversial topics in American history."

- John H. Monnett, Emeritus professor of history, Metropolitan State University of Denver

"A comprehensive and definitive work of seminal research and scholarship, The Three Battles of Sand Creek is an extraordinary study that is impressively well written, organized and presented from beginning to end."

- Midwest Book Review