Table of Contents

Author's Note v

Acknowledgments viii

Prologue: Valor Alone xi

Chapter One: The Grueling Road West 1

Chapter Two: The Last Charge 13

Chapter Three: Mr. McLean's Parlor 21

Chapter Four: On the Stage Road 29

Chapter Five: Retreat Through Raleigh 39

Chapter Six: Mr. Bennett's Parlor 49

Chapter Seven: Confusion and Unrest 55

Chapter Eight: Descending Into Chaos 63

Chapter Nine: The Fall of Mobile 73

Chapter Ten: Mr. Magee's Parlor 83

Chapter Eleven: Under the Spreading Oak 93

Chapter Twelve: Chaos in the Trans-Mississippi 101

Chapter Thirteen: Galveston Harbor 109

Chapter Fourteen: The End in Arkansas 121

Chapter Fifteen: The Nations Negotiate 129

Chapter Sixteen: The Surrender and Memory 137

Appendix A: The Surrenders at a Glance 147

Appendix B: The USCTs in the Appomattox Campaign 149 by Christopher Bingham

Appendix C: The Long Road Home from Appomattox 153 by Ernie K. Price

Appendix D: The Last Act: The Surrender of the C.S.S. Shenandoah 157 by Christopher L. Kolakowski

Appendix E: The Lost Generation 163 by Shannon Moeck

Afterword: "With Malice Toward None" by Chris Mackowski 167

Suggested Reading 170

About the Author 174

List of Maps

Appomattox Campaign 2

Appomattox Positions at the Time of the Flag of Truce 22

North Carolina Area of Operations 40

Confederate Camps 56

Escape Route of Jefferson Davis 64

Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana 74

Department of the Trans-Mississippi 102