Praise for "To Prepare for Sherman's Coming"

"An in-depth study. . . . The authors display a mastery of the battlefield's swampy terrain."

Civil War Monitor

"A flawless book. It is mandatory reading for serious students of the Civil War in North Carolina as well as those with a more general interest in the final military campaigns of the war."

- Mark L. Bradley, author of Last Stand in the Carolinas: The Battle of Bentonville

"The March 8-10, 1865 Battle of Wise's Forks has been neglected by Civil War historians for too long - even though it was one of the largest battles in North Carolina's history. Fought near Kinston, it was the Confederates' first major attempt to defeat General Sherman's forces in the Tar Heel State. Authors Wade Sokolosky and Mark A. Smith have crafted a deeply researched and engagingly written study that at last places the Wise's Forks in its proper strategic and operational context. To Prepare for Sherman's Coming will remain the definitive work on the battle for many years to come."

Civil War Books and Authors

"The March 8-10, 1865 combat at Wise's Forks was one of the major engagements of Sherman's Carolinas' Campaign, and until now, has been completely ignored. A Confederate victory there would have cut Sherman's main line of supply and directly impacted his ability to march across North Carolina. To Prepare for Sherman's Coming rectifies this glaring oversight in a detailed tactical study by retired career Army officers Wade Sokolosky and Mark Smith. For the first time, this small but important battle gets the attention and treatment it has long deserved. The clear and crisp writing, supplemented with original maps, photos, and wonderful research, means this book deserves a place on the bookshelf of any student of the Carolinas Campaign."

- Eric J. Wittenberg, award-winning Civil War historian and author of The Battle of Monroe's Crossroads and the Civil War's Final Campaign

"Civil War battle study advocates in general, and enthusiasts of the Carolinas Campaign in particular, will be more than pleased with Sokolosky's and Smith's new book on the battle of Wise's Forks. It is everything readers of this genre enjoy: good research, good writing, helpful original maps, and plentiful photos and illustrations. Now, finally, this small but important battle during the war's final full month in North Carolina gets the due it rightfully deserves."

- Chris Mackowski, Emerging Civil War Series editor and author of Chancellorsville's Forgotten Front and Grant's Last Battle: The Story Behind the Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant