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Chapter One: Grant Plans a Campaign

Chapter Two: The Union Buildup

Chapter Three: Johnston Forges an Army

Chapter Four: Cox Advances

Chapter Five: Hoke's Surprise

Chapter Six: The Tide of Battle Turns

Chapter Seven: Bragg's Final Strike

Chapter Eight: So We Meet Again

Chapter Nine: For Want of a Railroad

Chapter 10: Final Analysis

Appendix A: The Opposing Forces in the Battle of Wise's Forks, North Carolina

Appendix B: Confederate Strength at the Battle of Wise's Forks

Appendix C: Documented Confederate Battle Losses

Appendix D: The Return of Capt. Julius Bassett's Sword

Appendix E: Journey to Point Lookout, Maryland



List of Maps

Carolinas Campaign: Roads to Wise's Forks - xiv

Union Advance toward Kinston: March 6 - 69

Palmer's Advance: March 7 - 75

Claassen's Reconnaissance & Upham's Arrival: March 7 - 79

Evening: March 7 - 83

Hoke's Flank Attack: March 8 - 97

Hill's Attack: March 8 - 105

Ruger Arrives: March 8 - 117

Palmer Consolidates & Hill's Flank March: March 8 - 121

Confederate Attacks: March 9 - 143

Hoke Flank Attack: March 10 - 159

Army of Tennessee Attack: March 10 - 179