Praise for Decision at Tomís Brook

"Well written and well researched monograph on the cavalry battle at Tom's Brook . . . provides vivid character studies of the leaders on both sides, particularly Custer and Rosser. A significant contribution to the scholarship on cavalry operations in the Eastern Theater and on the Confederacy's unsuccessful defense of the Valley during the War's final months."

- Civil War News

"A first-rate scholar, and a battlefield tramper with a deep knowledge of the ground, Miller has assembled a solid history. Add to those credentials a rich editorial background, and years spent teaching composition and literature to Virginia college students, and you have an author who can ferret out a good story, and knows how to tell it."

- Civil War News

"Miller is one of the finest historians at work, distinguished both for his thoughtfulness and his sprightly prose. In some important ways Tom's Brook was a landmark event in 1864 cavalry operations. Its story, with its many tentacles of recrimination and controversy, will never receive a more measured and able treatment than this."

- Robert E. L. Krick, author of Staff Officers in Gray

"Decision at Tom's Brook is more than an account of the cavalry engagement of October 9, 1864. It is the story of two friends-Tom Rosser and George Custer-who opposed each other on this day. William Miller has written an insightful and compelling study on the two warriors, who shared remarkably similar attributes and beliefs. The research is impeccable, and the writing is moving. This is an excellent book and a most welcome work."

- Jeffry D. Wert, author of A Glorious Army

"Bill Miller has written the definitive account of the Battle of Tom's Brook, delivering a flowing narrative deeply rooted in years of diligent research in all the right places. Miller's effort captures the romance of cavalrymen such as Custer and Rosser, while at the same time documenting the grim realities of the Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley in 1864 as he fittingly challenges many historical misconceptions in his detailed analysis of this little known cavalry battle."

- Scott C. Patchan, author of The Last Battle of Winchester: Phil Sheridan, Jubal Early, and the Shenandoah Valley Campaign