Touring the Battlefields

Foreword by J. Michael Miller


Chapter One: The Campaign

Chapter Two: This Month Won't Pass Away Without a Battle

Chapter Three: "A Wild and Exciting Scene"

Chapter Four: "Lee is Unquestionably Bullying You"

Chapter Five: The Battle of Auburn

Chapter Six: The Approach to Bristoe

Chapter Seven: The Battle of Bristoe Station

Chapter Eight: The Battle of Bristoe Station, Part II: "Bury These Poor Men"

Chapter Nine: The Battle of Buckland Mills

Conclusion: "We Never Blushed Before"

Appendix A: "Bury These Poor Men" - Lee and Hill at Bristoe Station

Appendix B: The Adventure-filled Reconnaissance of the 1st Maine Cavalry

Appendix C: "Miserable, Miserable Management": The Battles of Rappahannock Station and Kelly's Ford

Appendix D: "A Handsome Little Fight": The First Battle at Bristoe Station

Appendix E: Remembering the Fall of '63

Appendix F: Chronology of Bristoe Station Preservation Efforts

Order of Battle

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