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"Martin's study is the first formal history of any of the four Wisconsin cavalry units. That alone makes this book important because it fills a void in Wisconsin Civil War scholarship. What makes this an even better book is that the unit's record of service was not only unusual but significant. The 4th Wisconsin was organized as infantry but two years later changed to cavalry. It served in the Eastern Theater during the war's early months but transferred to the Western Theater, where it spent the remainder of the war. In its ranks at different times could be found some of the most important men of Wisconsin history in the 19th Century. A History of the 4th Wisconsin Infantry and Cavalry in the Civil War is what regimental histories are all about."

- Lance J. Herdegen,
author of In the Bloody Railroad Cut at Gettysburg

"This fascinating study is a fine example of scholarship, and a more than worthy contribution to the literature. Anyone wanting to learn more about an unusual unit serving in a rarely studied theater of operations will revel in the details provided by Michael Martin's regimental history of the 4th Wisconsin Infantry/Cavalry."

- Andrew Wagenhoffer,

"Good regimental histories are hard to find these days, but Martinís impressive research and lively prose (plus excellent maps and the editing skills of Ted Savas) combine to make this a fine regimental."

- Civil War News