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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Foreword by Lance J. Herdegen

Chapter 1: Camp Utley

Chapter 2: Guarding Railroads in Baltimore

Chapter 3: The Eastern Shore Expedition: The Badgers' First Campaign

Chapter 4: The First Yankees to Set Foot in the Crescent City

Chapter 5: Digging Ben Butler's "Ditch"

Chapter 6: The Battle of Baton Rouge and the Capital Sport of Guerrilla Hunting

Chapter 7: A Diversion for the Navy: The First Trip to Port Hudson

Chapter 8: The Teche Campaign: Fighting as Mounted Infantry

Chapter 9: Port Hudson and Clinton: Defeats on Foot and Horseback

Chapter 10: The Second Assault on Port Hudson: "Ye living men come view the ground where you must shortly lie"

Chapter 11: Cavalry at Last

Chapter 12: Gain a Company, Lose a Colonel

Chapter 13: The Second Battle of Clinton: Vindication for the Badgers

Chapter 14: Three Raids in Three Months: The Badgers Come of Age as Cavalrymen

Chapter 15: Marching Across Alabama

Chapter 16: "Peace Soldiering" in Texas

Chapter 17: A History of Earl's Scouts

Chapter 18: Aftermath

Appendix A: 4th Wisconsin Casualties suffered at Port Hudson, Louisiana on May

Appendix B: 4th Wisconsin Casualties suffered at Port Hudson, Louisiana on June

Appendix C: 4th Wisconsin Soldiers Interred in the National Cemetery at Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Appendix D: Lieutenant Isaac Earl's Scouts

Appendix E: Roster of officers in the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry at muster out on May

Appendix F: Roster of the 4th Wisconsin 1900 Reunion

Appendix G: Roster of the 4th Wisconsin Infantry and Cavalry