Praise for Brandywine

"A thorough account of the fighting, Harris does a brilliant job busting myths associated with the battle and refereeing disagreements between other authors."

- Journal of Military History

"Harris does a bang-up job of fleshing out the countless nuances of a complex campaign in this exhaustive full-length study."

- Main Line Today

"This is a great read. Having worked for years at Brandywine, the author's credentials make this book the definitive source of the battle."

- Rich Rosenthal, author of secretary and one of the founders of the North Jersey American Revolution Round Table

"With the publication of this book, we finally have a thorough, accurate, and well-balanced study of Brandywine, including the early stages of the campaign and the battle itself. The use of original sources and narratives puts readers in the heart of the action, right along with the leaders, the common soldiers, and the local civilians. With this carefully researched and engagingly written chronicle, Harris contributes much to our knowledge of the critical Philadelphia Campaign."

- Bill Welsch, of the American Revolution Round Table of Richmond and Co-Founder of the Congress of American Revolution Round Tables

"The Battle of Brandywine was a pivotal episode in the Revolutionary War. However, despite its importance, little has been written about this complex campaign. Michael Harris has filled the void with an impressive interpretation of the battle. His Brandywine: A Military History is a significant addition to the literature of the American Revolution."

- Arthur S. Lefkowitz, author of Benedict Arnold's Army