Author's Note


Foreword by Frank P. Varney


Chapter One: The Fall

Chapter Two: The Bottom

Chapter Three: The New Disaster of Shiloh

Chapter Four: The Writer

Chapter Five: The Peach

Chapter Six: Twain

Chapter Seven: The Winter of Discontent

Chapter Eight: Stage Five

Chapter Nine: The Greatest Showman on Earth

Chapter Ten: Twain's Return

Chapter Eleven: Turning Back

Chapter Twelve: Crisis and Resurrection

Chapter Thirteen: Bad "Water," Bad Blood

Chapter Fourteen: The Final March

Chapter Fifteen: The Last Days of Ulysses S. Grant

Chapter Sixteen: Victory and Loss

Chapter Seventeen: Where Grant Rests

Epilogue: The Last Word

Appendix A: Grant's Tomb by Pat Tintle

Appendix B: Memorializing Grant by Kathleen Logothetis Thompson and Chris Mackowski

Appendix C: The Myths of Grant by Edward S. Alexander

Appendix D: The Grant Administration by Richard G. Frederick

Appendix E: The Unlikely Friendship of Grant and Twain by Jim McWilliams

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