Praise for The Maps of the Bristoe Station and Mine Run Campaigns

"Gottfried has given us much more than a simple book of battlefield maps with blocks, dotted lines, and arrows. Students of the war's Eastern Theater should purchase this unique book while they can because it offers the best and most coherent narrative of the actions in northern Virginia between Gettysburg and the Wilderness. And then, after they have read it, they can walk the fields of Bristoe Station and enjoy the same level of tactical detail afforded by books on the much more famous battle up north."

- The Civil War Monitor

“Bradley Gottfried fills a crucial gap in our understanding of what transpired in Virginia after the battle of Gettysburg and before the Overland Campaign. His detailed and easy-to-read maps, coupled with his incisive narrative, allow readers to comprehend and fully appreciate the complicated, important, and largely overlooked Bristoe Station and Mine Run campaigns.”

- Rob Orrison, Park Manager, Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park

“Gottfried’s new book of maps fills in a gap in magnificent style. The Maps of the Bristoe Station and Mine Run Campaigns is the latest in Savas Beatie’s excellent series of maps books, and it’s every bit as solid as its predecessors—and because it covers an oft-overlooked timespan, I daresay it’s even more valuable.”

- Emerging Civil War Blog