Praise for Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg

"This exciting new tour guide delivers far more than a standard walking tour of the advance of Pickett's Virginia infantry on the final day of the Battle of Gettysburg. The 'other half' of the assaulting force-Pettigrew's and Trimble's North Carolinians, Alabamians, Tennesseans, Mississippians, and a few more Virginians-get full coverage. Those interested in the pre-assault artillery bombardment will be delighted by the extensive attention given to that element of the fight. And, finally, General Winfield Scott Hancock's Union defenders finally receive the detailed examination they always have deserved. Wayne Motts, James Hessler, and Steven Stanley have done a masterful job!"

- Carol Reardon, Penn State University, author of A Field Guide to Gettysburg

"Students of the battle will love this thoughtful, balanced, and fascinating exploration of Pickett's Charge. The authors leave no aspect of this famous attack untouched, and their insightful analysis and vast knowledge of the subject make this a book not to be missed by anyone with an interest in Gettysburg."

- D. Scott Hartwig, former Chief Historian for Gettysburg National Military Park, and the author of To Antietam Creek: The Maryland Campaign of September 1862

"The most famous infantry charge in American history finally has an excellent tour guide. Written by a pair of experienced historians and battlefield guides, and designed and mapped by one of the war's leading cartographers, it has everything a Civil War buff or visitor would want in walking in the footsteps of soldiers on both sides of that afternoon on July 3, 1863."

- Jeffry D. Wert, author of Gettysburg, Day Three

"Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg is excellent to its purpose and is certainly bound to become part of any Civil War buff's personal library. It is a worthy book for school and public libraries as well. Highly recommended."

- Pennsylvania Magazine

"Full disclosure: I am firmly in the camp of those who believe that far too much has been published about Gettysburg and who greet every new release with a large dose of skepticism. This extremely well-done book has convinced me that there is room for at least one more volume in the Gettysburg library."

- Civil War News