Praise for "The Bloody Fifth"

"This is how a regimental history should be written. Properly organized and researched fully, Mr. Schmutz has done his due diligence. The narrative flows quite well, always keeping the interest of the reader intact. The appendices to supplement the text made the book even more valuable. Aided with well drawn maps and photographs, I eagerly await the next volume in this fine series."

- Gettysburg Chronicle

"Schmutz has done a fine job telling the story of this famous regiment. . . . This is one of the best unit histories this reviewer has ever read. It has it all and belongs on your Civil War bookshelf. Looking forward to Volume Two."

- Civil War News

"An expertly researched and thoroughly accessible work of military history."

- Midwest Book Review

"A thoroughly researched account of a legendary Confederate infantry regiment that will be of deep interest to the legion of Civil War buffs who follow the exploits of Hood's Texas Brigade."

- Richard M. McMurry, author of Two Great Rebel Armies, Atlanta 1864, and John Bell Hood and the War for Southern Independence

"John F. Schmutz's 'The Bloody Fifth' is, to date, the most comprehensive, thoroughly researched account of the 5th Texas Infantry and belongs in the library of every serious student of the Civil War."

- John Michael Priest, author of "Stand to It and Give Them Hell": Gettysburg as the Soldiers Experienced it From Cemetery Ridge to Little Round Top

"The Bloody Fifth is everything a regimental history should be: diligently researched, well-written, and brimming with hard to find factual detail and personal experiences. The author deftly weaves the history of the Fifth Texas into the overall tale of the war without straying from his primary goal-telling the very human story of one regiment whose members lived those events hour-by-hour for many years. Whenever possible he lets the Texans tell their story in their own words and allows the reader to walk alongside some of the best soldiers-perhaps THE best soldiers-in the Army of Northern Virginia. This is an enormous achievement."

- Jeffrey Wm Hunt, Director, Texas Military Forces Museum and author of The Last Battle of the Civil War: Palmetto Ranch

"From their mustering in the towns and farms of east and central Texas to the killing fields of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, the stories of the men of the Fifth Texas Infantry Regiment are brought to life in impeccable detail. Although not elite in appearance or demeanor, these roughhewn and rugged men and their leaders were Robert E' Lee's elite shock troops, repeatedly called upon to fight where the fighting would be the most difficult. This is the story of the 'Bloody Fifth' and the soldiers whose blood was spilled, attaining not ultimate victory, but more importantly, eternal glory."

- Stephen M. Hood, author of John Bell Hood: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of a Confederate General and The Lost Papers of Confederate General John Bell Hood