Praise for "The Devil's to Pay"

"A worthy addition to any Civil War bookshelf."

- Gettysburg Magazine

"A highly recommended work. It is an essential addition to the library of military historians and anyone else who is interested in a well-researched and detailed read on cavalry operations during the battle of Gettysburg."

- Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society

"After reading this book, Gettysburg visitors should be able to stand before the monuments along the cavalry line and vividly remember the men they represent. The Devil's to Pay is essential reading for everyone, Civil War enthusiasts and novices, interested in the Battle of Gettysburg or Civil War cavalry."

- Civil War News

"Most Civil War students are familiar in at least a general way with the significance of John Buford and his cavalry in the Union victory at Gettysburg, but 'The Devil's to Pay', with its robustly detailed narrative of events and sharp analysis, puts a definitive stamp on the subject."

- Civil War Books and Authors

"Fans of Gettysburg, of the cavalry, and of Eric Wittenberg will find this another winning effort from the detailed and prolific author. Buy this book. You won't be disappointed."

- TOCWOC, A Civil War Blog

"This book will not only become an essential study, but a classic in the realm of Gettysburg and cavalry study."

- Gettysburg Chronicle

"Most people were introduced to John Buford through Sam Elliott's riveting portrayal of him in the film Gettysburg. Now, through the talented hand of Eric Wittenberg in his new exemplary book, a new generation of readers will meet the real Buford as history knew him — a brilliant cavalry tactician and inspirational leader whose star reached its zenith at Gettysburg before an untimely illness struck him down just as opportunity for advancement to senior command beckoned. This wonderfully written and deeply researched study stands as a tribute even a gruff Old Army veteran like Buford would have admired."

- Scott L. Mingus, Sr., author of Flames Beyond Gettysburg and Confederate General William "Extra Billy" Smith

"As the author of 17 previous books on Civil War cavalry operations, Eric Wittenberg's name is well known to students of the Gettysburg Campaign. In 'The Devil's to Pay': John Buford at Gettysburg, Wittenberg tackles one of Gettysburg's most iconic and revered leaders. Wittenberg's narrative encompasses every aspect of Buford's Gettysburg performance and readers will leave with a much better appreciation of John Buford and the cavalrymen who served under him."

- James A. Hessler, author of Sickles at Gettysburg (2009) and co-author of Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg (2015)

"Few books on Gettysburg spill much ink on the role played by General John Buford and his troopers during the opening hours of the battle, and even less regarding their participation during the rest of the first day or thereafter. Wittenberg's new master work details, for the first time, Buford's crucial roll and how he and his cavalrymen impacted the course of the battle. It is a scholarly, yet eminently readable book that is decades overdue."

- J. David Petruzzi, author of The Complete Gettysburg Guide

"No figure is more central to the Battle of Gettysburg than Union cavalryman John Buford. More than any other commander's decision, Buford's determination to stand and fight on July 1 precipitated all the combat that followed. Award-winning author Eric Wittenberg, noted for his excellent work on cavalry in general and Gettysburg in particular, offers a detailed examination of Buford's role in clear, well-ordered prose. 'The Devil's to Pay' is another must-have book on any Gettysburg shelf."

- David A. Powell, author of The Maps of Chickamauga and The Chickamauga Campaign