Author's Preface and Acknowledgments


Chapter 1: John Buford and his Troopers

Chapter 2: Marching to Pennsylvania

Chapter 3: June 30, 1863

Chapter 4: The Night Before the Battle: June 30-July 1, 1863

Chapter 5: Opening the Ball: Early Morning, July 1, 1863

Chapter 6: The Devil's to Pay: Buford Holds On

Chapter 7: Gamble Saves the First Corps

Chapter 8: Unshaken and Undaunted

Chapter 9: The Night of July 1-2, 1863

Chapter 10: Devin's Brigade Skirmishes in Pitzer's Woods

Chapter 11: Buford Departs the Battlefield

Conclusion: An Assessment of John Buford's Performance in the Battle of Gettysburg


Appendix A: Order of Battle, Morning, July 1, 1863

Appendix B: The Myth of the Spencers

Appendix C: What was the Nature of John Buford's Defense at Gettysburg?

Appendix D: Did James Lane's Confederate Brigade form Infantry Squares in Echelon on the Afternoon of July 1, 1863?

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