Praise for The First Battle for Petersburg

"The campaigns around Petersburg rank among the least understood elements of Civil War military history. This revised edition of Glenn Robertson's study of the initial fighting around the city provides an excellent starting point for anyone who hopes to understand the sprawling operations that unfolded over the next ten months and did much to settle the fate of the Confederacy."

- Gary W. Gallagher, author of The Union War

"With Petersburg then being the second largest city in Virginia, and boasting that of a major rail center, it only stood to reason that at some point in the war it would be of strategic importance to the Federal army. Having failed to take the Confederate capital at Cold Harbor in early June, Grant's forces turned their attention to the Cockade City: "The Key to Taking Richmond is Petersburg." Sending a force of infantry led by General Quincy Gillmore to attack the city from the east, a small group of cavalry under August V. Kautz was sent to reconnoiter from the south. Petersburg at that time was virtually defenseless. Calling on the local militia of "Old Men and Young Boys" to protect the city, they were able to hold off the Federals long enough until regular cavalry under General James Dearing could arrive and hold back the attackers.
On the anniversary of this event, every June 9, the Ladies Memorial Association of Petersburg ceremoniously remember the deeds of these citizen soldiers at the cities historic Blandford Church. Participants gather to honor these men who gave their lives in protecting their home places in what could be termed a foreshadowing of things to come. Now, rescued from the past as simply a Master's Thesis laying dormant on a research library shelf, Robertson's micro-history of this single action leading directly to the 9½ month Siege of Petersburg, is now brought to life in a new edition published by Savas Beatie. "

- Chris Calkins, Historian, Petersburg, Virginia

"Only one Civil War battle continues to be commemorated in Petersburg, Virginia today. The 'Battle of Old Men and Young Boys' on June 9, 1864 is brought to life in this new edition of Glenn Robertson's comprehensive study. Deeply researched, well-written, and updated with new information, Robertson's new edition provides a splendid preface to any study of the Petersburg Campaign."

- A. Wilson Greene, author of Civil War Petersburg: Confederate City in the Crucible of War

"A very good operational and tactical account of Butler's brainchild. . . . Highly recommended addition to the library of anyone studying the 1864-65 Richmond-Petersburg Campaign."

- Civil War Books and Authors