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Terms and Conditions

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All reseller orders are subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. It is the buyer's responsibility to carefully pack items you intend to return. Books will only be accepted if packed 2-up in the original cartons received, or in suitable cartons made to withstand cross-country shipment. All books or audio books will be carefully inspected upon return, and they must be returned in the same mint new sellable condition as they were received.

2. No credit or refund will be issued for any items returned that are not in an as-new condition. This includes the following: bumped corners; torn, creased, marred, or stained dust jackets; torn or creased pages; stickered, and/or autographed copies, or any other blemishes incurred while in the possession of the buyer or during return transportation to seller.

3. All book or audio books returned for credit or refund are subject to a restocking fee, as follows: items sold and returned within 30 days of receipt (20%). No books or audio books are returnable to us after 120 days of receipt.

4. Invoices for remaining books or audio books (after returns for a previously agreed upon credit or refund) are subject to an adjusted reseller pricing discount based on the number of copies kept/sold instead of ordered. All shipping costs for returned books are the buyer's responsibility.

5. Books or audio books sold at a custom, bulk discount of 55% or more off the suggested retail price are non-returnable, unless previously agreed to in writing with Savas Beatie LLC.

6. Audio products are sold for retail sale only. Any audio items sold shall only be for resale and are not meant to be rented. If you are interested in purchasing audio products to rent to customers please e-mail Customer Service or call 916-941-6896 for pricing structure.

7. Our standard reseller discounts apply to any books currently in stock or shipping from the printer within two weeks from the time that the order is placed. A discount from one order of titles in stock cannot carry over to an order for unreleased titles, unless the unreleased book/s will ship from the printer within two weeks of the order.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail Customer Service or call 916-941-6896.