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Building the Green Machine
Don Warren and Sixty Years with the World Champion Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps

Colt Foutz

Format: Hardcover, 480 pages
Price: 29.99
ISBN: 978-1-932714-39-5
On Sale: December 2007

6 x 9, 100+ photos, bibliography, dust jacket

Building the Green Machine is the first biography of corps founder Don Warren and a comprehensive history of the magnificent Cavaliers! Read More...



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Bushwhacking on a Grand Scale
The Battle of Chickamauga, September 18-20, 1863

William L. White

Format: Paperback, 192 pages
Price: 14.95
ISBN: 978-1-61121-158-0
On Sale: September 2013

6x9, 160 images, 8 maps

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The battle of Chickamauga brought an early fall to the Georgia countryside in 1863, where men fell like autumn leaves in some of the heaviest fighting of the war. The battlefield consisted of a nearly impenetrable, vine-choked forest around Chickamauga Creek. Unable to see beyond their immediate surroundings, officers found it impossible to exercise effective command, and the engagement deteriorated into what many participants later called "a soldier's battle." It was, explained Union General John Turchin, "Bushwhacking on a Grand Scale." Read More...



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By the Blood of Our Alumni
Norwich University Citizen Soldiers in the Army of the Potomac

Robert G. Poirier

Format: Paperback, 472 pages
Price: 18.95
ISBN: 978-1-61121-184-9
On Sale: TBD

29 photos, 3 maps, notes, appendices, bibliography, index

Norwich University, the nation’s oldest private military college, graduated hundreds of officers into the Federal armies who participated in the long and bloody war to crush the Southern Rebellion of 1861-1865. Robert Poirier’s “By the Blood of Our Alumni”: Norwich University Citizen Soldiers in the Army of the Potomac is their story. Read More...



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Calamity at Chancellorsville
The Wounding and Death of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson

Mathew W. Lively

Format: Hardcover, 216 pages
Price: 27.50
ISBN: 978-1-61121-138-2
On Sale: April 2013

6x9 hardcover, 44 images, 5 maps, dust jacket, bibliography, index

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On May 2, 1863, Confederate General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson led his Second Corps around the unsuspecting Army of the Potomac on one of the most daring flank marches in history. His surprise flank attack-launched with the five simple words "You can go forward, then" - collapsed a Union corps in one of the most stunning accomplishments of the war. Flushed with victory, Jackson decided to continue attacking into the night. He and members of his staff rode beyond the lines to scout the ground while his units reorganized. However, Southern soldiers mistook the riders for Union cavalry and opened fire, mortally wounding Jackson at the apogee of his military career. Read More...



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Calamity in Carolina
The Battles of Averasboro and Bentonville, March 1865

Daniel T. Davis, Phillip S. Greenwalt

Format: Paperback, 168 pages
Price: 12.95
ISBN: 978-1-61121-245-7
On Sale: March 2015

6x9, 148 images and 8 maps

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Historians Daniel T. Davis and Philip S. Greenwalt, co-authors of Bloody Autumn: The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864 and Hurricane from the Heavens: The Battle of Cold Harbor, now turn their considered gaze toward the long-forgotten battles of Averasboro and Bentonville. Read More...



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Capital Navy
The Men, Ships, and Operations of the James River Squadron

John M. Coski

Format: Paperback, 366 pages
Price: 18.95
ISBN: 978-1-932714-15-9
On Sale: Fall 2005

F77 photos, illus., 5 maps, notes, 13 original drawings of ironclads, biblio., index.

Free Book Offer: Buy Capital Navy, by John Coski, mention this website ad, and get a free copy (a $15.00 value including shipping) of Civil War Regiments: A Journal of the American Civil War. Select either Charleston: Battles and Seacoast Operations (Vol. 5, no. 2), or North Carolina: The Final Battles (Vol. 6, no. 1). You must mention this offer when placing your order. There is no extra shipping charge!

Coski's research is grounded in primary sources, including diaries, letters, journals, log books, and official records. His deep research allows him to paint a lively portrait of the men and ships that plied the twisting, muddy coils of the James River. His descriptions of the many fascinating personalties involved in this drama are richly drawn and deeply crafted... Read More...



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Caught in the Maelstrom
The Indian Nations in the Civil War, 1861-1865

Clint Crowe

Format: Hardcover, 288
Price: 32.95
ISBN: 978-1-61121-336-2
On Sale: November 2017

6x9, 10 images and 1 map

The sad plight of the Five Civilized Tribes-The Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek (Muscogee), and Seminole-during America's Civil War is both fascinating and often overlooked. This book reveals the complexity and the importance of their bloody civil war. Read More...



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Challenges of Command in the Civil War
Generalship, Leadership, and Strategy at Gettysburg, Petersburg, and Beyond, Volume I: Generals and Generalship

Richard J. Sommers

Format: Hardcover, 252
Price: 29.95
ISBN: 978-1-61121-432-1
On Sale: July 1, 2018

6 x 9, 80 images, 7 maps, 5 tables, 2 charts

From original research to new ways of looking at familiar facts, this book invites readers to think-and rethink-about the generalship of Grant, Lee, and senior commanders of the Civil War. Read More...



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Champion Hill
Decisive Battle for Vicksburg

Timothy B. Smith

Format: Paperback, 528 pages
Price: 22.95
ISBN: 978-1-932714-19-7
On Sale: November 2005

74 photos, illustrations 38 maps, OOB, bibliography, appendices, index

Winner: Non-Fiction, 2005, Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters

Every copy ordered ships with a FREE copy of Civil War Regiments, Vol. Seven, No. 1: Chickamauga & Chattanooga.

Smith's balanced and objective approach includes a detailed examination of the complex movements of the armies and the inland battles they waged, including Port Gibson, Raymond, and Jackson. His entertaining and lucid style introduces readers to a wide array of soldiers and civilians who found themselves swept up in one of the war's most decisive campaigns. Read More...



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Chancellorsville's Forgotten Front
The Battles of Second Fredericksburg and Salem Church, May 3, 1863

Chris Mackowski, Kristopher D. White

Format: Hardcover, 432 pages
Price: 32.95
ISBN: 978-1-61121-136-8
On Sale: April 2013

6x9 hardcover, 70 images, 11 maps, dust jacket, bibliography, index

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By May of 1863, the Stone Wall at the base of Marye's Heights above Fredericksburg loomed large over the Army of the Potomac, haunting its men with memories of slaughter from their crushing defeat there the previous December. They would assault it again with a very different result the following spring when General Joe Hooker, bogged down in bloody battle with the Army of Northern Virginia around the crossroads of Chancellorsville, ordered John Sedgwick's Sixth Corps to assault the heights and move to his assistance. This time the Union troops wrested the wall and high ground from the Confederates and drove west into the enemy's rear. The inland drive stalled in heavy fighting at Salem Churc Read More...



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Book debuts at Chancellorsville anniversary events!
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