Battle Digest - Cowpens

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Christopher J. Petty/Michael E. Haskew
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April 2020
Gate Fold (6pg.), maps, images, gloss laminate

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By the summer of 1780, Great Britain held the advantage in the American Revolution. A strategic shift to the south had borne fruit. British forces controlled the major ports of Savannah and Charleston, and Maj. Gen. Charles Cornwallis had recently trounced American forces under Gen. Horatio Gates at Camden, South Carolina. But Gen. Nathanael Greene, Gen. George Washington’s newly appointed southern commander, was about to turn things around. Instead of massing his forces, he divided them, sending Brig. Gen. Daniel Morgan southwestward.


When British forces caught up to Morgan at Cowpens in January 1781, he was more than ready. Morgan’s victory was a tactical masterpiece, echoing Hannibal’s ancient triumph over the Romans at Cannae. Cowpens set in motion a chain of events leading to Yorktown and, ultimately, American independence.


Learn how Daniel Morgan effectively used the Continental militia while designing a tactical plan to exploit the overconfidence and aggressiveness of his British opponent, Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton.


The Battle Digest summary includes all the key aspects of the campaign and battle, including maps, images, and lessons learned.





Christopher J. Petty is a retired Army Brigadier General, a graduate of West Point, and the U.S. Army War College. His career spanned multiple commands, including combat operations during the Iraq "Surge" and a NATO command in Bosnia. Chris's unique blend of three decades of military experience, the love of history, and a passion for understanding the timeless lessons of war, make Battle Digest a unique, time-saving, and powerful resource. Michael Haskew is the author of West Point 1915: Eisenhower, Bradley and the Class the Stars Fell On, and Appomattox, The Last Days of Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. He has written numerous other books and contributed to many others. He has also authored many magazine, periodic, and newspaper articles during a 37-year career in journalism. He is the editor of WWII History Magazine. He resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee.