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The Campaign for Atlanta & Sherman's March to the Sea

About the Project: The Campaign for Atlanta & Sherman's March to the Sea, edited by Theodore P. Savas and David A. Woodbury (Savas Woodbury) was first released in 1994 and sold out almost immediately. Yes, it's been 26 years. Time passes quickly.

We are currently accepting essays for volume 3 (and hopefully more). While both Savas and Woodbury will be listed as editors, the latter is the primary editor/manager. 

Click HERE to email your submission idea or query to Mr. Woodbury.

Please do not send your manuscript at this time. We first evaluate potential submission ideas. It would be helpful if you provide us with the following:

1. A Working title;
2. A thesis paragraph (what is your essay is about, how it differs from other published accounts, etc);
Projected length in words (include footnotes) and estimated date of completion;
A list of the most important sources you are using to produce your essay;
A brief bio about you (education, background, why you are qualified to write this essay)
6. Your use of social media, and ability to give talks and help promote this project.

You may provide any other pertinent details that may help us make a decision, and you may share this link via social media to others who might be interested.

Thank you for your interest.