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NOTE: If you are interested in submitting an essay for consideration in The Campaign for Atlanta & Sherman's March to the Sea, edited by David A. Woodbury and Theodore P. Savas, please send us an email to that effect and we will reply with our specific needs and terms.


Please carefully read the instructions below.

1. Do you know what type of books we publish? You must know this before you query us. If we do not publish what you are writing, we will not take the time to reply.

We publish military history, and specifically focus on American wars (Revolution, Civil War, World War II, etc.). We are not seeking fiction or any other genres at this time. If your manuscript falls outside these parameters, please do not send your query.

 2. Do not send your manuscript. Inquire first whether we are interested in viewing it. Send us a brief query letter via e-mail. This letter must include the following information:

  • Working title and topic area (American Revolution, Civil War, WWII, etc.);
  • Thesis paragraph (what your work is about, and how it differs from other published works on the subject);
  • Projected length in words (include notes);
  • Estimated date of completion;
  • A discussion of the sources you are using to produce your manuscript;
  • A brief bio about you (education, background, and why you are qualified to write this book);
  • Whether you have submitted it to another press and it was rejected (and why, if you know)
  • Any other pertinent details that may help us.

Please keep this e-mail query letter as brief as possible.


We do NOT accept multiple submissions, so if we agree to review your manuscript, you agree to give us an exclusive 60-day window to do so. 

3. DO NOT include any attachments with this first e-mail. We do not need to see any of your work at this point.

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If for some reason you are unable to comply and need to send us a letter, and you require a reply in writing (as opposed to a reply via e-mail), include a SASE. This makes it much easier and faster for us to answer your inquiry in a timely manner.



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