Annoucing the Emerging Civil War Audio Series

Annoucing the Emerging Civil War Audio Series

Savas Beatie is pleased to announce the release of the Emerging Civil War Audio Series.

The Emerging Civil War series of books published by Savas Beatie offers compelling and easy-to-read overviews of some of the Civil War’s most important battles and issues. By branching out to the audio world, Savas Beatie will be able to reach an even larger audience.

“We’re really pleased to be bringing such a great book series into the world of audio,” says Savas Beatie Managing Director Theodore Savas. “We also include the maps in PDF that download with the audio file, which is something Audible offers its customers.”

Emerging Civil War Series Editor Chris Mackowski couldn’t agree more. “Earlier this year, Ted Savas approached me with the idea of releasing the entire ECW Series as audio books. I jumped at the chance because I thought the series would sound great in that format.”

Several other professional narrators have auditioned for and are under contract for the series, including Bob Neufeld, Joe Williams, and Joshua Saxon.

Neufeld was first attracted to the project because he loves history. “Anytime I choose a project, I want to be sure that there are solid resources behind it,” says Neufeld. “I was in production on two other books for Ted Savas when this series came up. Based on my excellent experience with Ted, I was very comfortable and eager to do more for Savas Beatie.”

There are currently 32 titles in the ECW Series, including four released so far this year. Ten are in production to become audio, and the entire series will be available in audio format by the end of 2019.

The Aftermath of Battle: The Burial of the Civil War Dead and The Great Battle Never Fought: The Mine Run Campaign, November 26 – December 2, 1863 were recently released in audio.

Many other titles, including The Most Desperate Acts of Gallantry: George A. Custer in the Civil War and Battle Above the Clouds: Lifting the Siege of Chattanooga and the Battle of Lookout Mountain, October 16 - November 24, 1863 are currently in audio production.

“I hope you like what you hear,” Mackowski says. “For me, it’s been the sound of a dream come true.”