Book Reviews Matter

Book Reviews Matter

Helping folks understand this fact, this year, is one of our missions. 

We get a lot of reviews--more on average per book than any other Civil War publisher. We want to double it. Why?

(Aside: Did you know you can leave a review on a book's main page on Savas Beatie?)

First, readers want to know what other's think. Your opinion matters. One sentence. Five paragraphs. Whatever. The length is not as important as the quality of the content. Good writing? Good bibliography? Good helpful maps? Photos? New and fresh subject matter? And original take on something most thought shopworn?

Second, the number of reviews online on the anti-mom & pop corporate behemoth otherwise known as Amazon changes how the company displays the book and where.


And just as important as all of this: How often do authors REALLY get to hear from the people who read their book? Many spend years working on a project, put it into print, and then . . . ? For most authors, it is silence.

Every review matters.

Jump to, find the book, and leave a review! Copy and paste that review onto Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Parler, LinkedIn, MeWe, Instagram, etc.

Thanks for your support, your Milk Bones, and your reviews. :)

-- Miss Kenya