Classic Reprints

Classic Reprints

A large percentage of the students of the Civil War have come into the field of study in the past couple decades, and the advent of social media has made doing so faster and easier.

Sadly, many have never had the ability to purchase some of the true "classics," like The Bachelder Papers (3 vols.), or Ed Bearss' The Campaign for Vicksburg (3 vols.), or just the three volumes of Official Records on Gettysburg, because so few copies were printed so many decades ago, and the price for a good set today is prohibitive.

Savas Beatie has taken up the challenge and has an array of high quality reprints of many of these long out-of-print gems at reasonable prices -- in addition to our regular ongoing trade publications.

It is gratifying to hear from so many how thankful they are to get these books for their personal libraries. And, know that WE are thankful for the opportunity to make it happen, and for our wonderful family of customers. We could not do what we love doing, without you. You are the best.

Loving woofs,

-- Miss Kenya