Go, Underdogs!

Go, Underdogs!

Goooooooood morning, Savas Beatie Readers! Welcome back to Morehouse Monday! I hope y'all had an amazing weekend. My husband and I took the kids to the Moaning Cavern Adventure Park for their Birthdays this weekend. What a cool spot! If you ever decide to visit yourself, just be prepared... the way you get down into the cavern is 235 steps down and so... 235 steps back up to get out. Ouch, my quads!

Anywho - this week's blog topic is all about the little guy (us included!). As I've mentioned in the past, Small Business Saturday is a big deal in this office. We are a small, independent publisher and we very much rely on the small, independent bookstore to get the word out on our authors and their books. Personally, I very much prefer a leisurely stroll down my small town's Main Street to handle my Christmas shopping as opposed to shoving my way through throngs of irritable (and sometimes violent!) shoppers, so I am extra thankful that this event exists. I did want to mention a few events that we have booked so far for November 24:

Join Gene Barr and Scott Mingus at the Civil War and More Store in Mechanicsburg, PA from 11 am to 2 pm. This will actually be Gene's THIRD YEAR at the store for Small Business Saturday. I love tradition! Make sure you stop by and say hi to him and Scott as well as fellow author Jeffry Wert. Should be a good time.

Alexander Rossino will also be making this a multi-year event for himself as he'll be popping up at the Four Seasons Bookstore in Shepherdstown, WV from 1-3 pm!

Finally, Janet Croon has her first ever Small Business Saturday event at the Books and Other Found Things store in Leesburg, VA beginning at 1 pm! Let's make sure her first year is well attended!

Let's make sure they're ALL well attended, folks! There's a lot of ugliness out there in the world right now. Let's get back to what's important: Family, community, and always having a good book on hand.

Til next week!