GOOD Civil War Editor Wanted!

GOOD Civil War Editor Wanted!

WANTED: Civil War Developmental Editor.

We have several good editors, but we have need of at least one more in this area.
We are seeking someone with: (1) Excellent writing skills; (2) A solid grasp of Civil War sources, the ability to spot how an author is using them, and the ability to know whether his sources are sufficient for the study at hand; (3) Editing experience; (4) The ability to look at a manuscript and determine X needs to be in a footnote, Y is unnecessary and should be eliminated or condensed, and Z is vague and needs more information/background; (5) The ability to work closely with authors--which is often like herding cats. :)

Your job is LESS proofreading and more focus on the writing, structure, depth of coverage, proper sourcing, and organization.

If you think you have what it takes to be an editor for Savas Beatie, one of the few and the proud, please send me a private message.

Feel free to share this post.

Thank you. 

Theodore P. Savas