I Gotta Get Back to Macon

I Gotta Get Back to Macon

Happy Morehouse Monday, Savas Beatie Readers!

I don't have much to report as to any exciting weekend events - after traveling to Santa Cruz and back last weekend, I needed a couple of lazy days... which I got... until we began tackling the fire danger around our house yesterday. Truly, it was the best of both worlds. I don't full enjoy coming in to work if I haven't gotten at least one thing done over the weekend.

As for exciting announcements in regard to the week, I do have to say we're in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment with the momentum building for the Gettysburg Kids book. True to kid form, the one who is kind of running the show at the moment (our friend "Eagle Master") has been felled with a cough which certainly hampers another video announcement for the time being. This kid is tenacious to say the least and will be giving it another go as of tonight. Fingers crossed that he feels better - we're sending you positive get well vibes, Eagle Master! Keep an eye on my Facebook page as well as the Gettysburg Heritage Center page for the Eagle Master and the latest in exciting announcements coming soon!

To bring it down a couple of notches... I do want to say a few words about our dear friend, Phil Comer. As many of you know, Phil passed away last week. It was unexpected and, quite honestly, a very hard kick to the gut for... not only all of us here at Savas Beatie, but to the community of Macon and well beyond as it appears that Phil knew just about everyone. I know, personally, that he made the leg of the trip I was present for in Georgia one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The laughter at our table for dinner at the Tic Toc Room probably had me shed 15 pounds, which is good because the other eateries he took us to probably had me gain 20. We very much appreciate our all too brief time spent with him as well as all of his assistance in spreading the voice of LeRoy and educating us on... oh, so much. He was a gentleman and a scholar and we're going to miss him 'round these parts.

That's it for me, guys! Have a good week and I'll see ya next Morehouse Monday.