In Honor of the Soldiers and Civilians of the American Civil War

In Honor of the Soldiers and Civilians of the American Civil War

Happy Morehouse Monday, everyone!

I do hope you're starting the week off as well-rested as I am - otherwise, my current level of chipper is likely to annoy you. I have zero weekend adventures to report today as The Husband was working in San Francisco and the in-home Child was at Disneyland with the G-Parents. It was just me and my dogs and a lot of Netflix and chill.

I did want to pop up today though and be sure you all had an eye on mid-November in Gettysburg for this year's Remembrance Day events. While it seems that a couple of our standard events might not be happening this year, do not think that all is lost! We do have several of our authors showing up and signing books at the Heritage Center this year. Be sure to come on down at 11:00 am for Rick Allen (Georgia Infantry Roster); Gene Barr (A Civil War Captain and His Lady); Scott Mingus (Flames Beyond Gettysburg; Confederate General William “Extra Billy” Smith; and more); and then again at 2:00 pm for Terry Barkley (September Mourn); and Dr. Brad Gottfried (Civil War Atlas Series). You don't even really have to leave - go get your first set of books signed, step outside and catch the parade, then go back on inside for the second round of book signing. I've made it THAT convenient for you!

I realize the weather can be... not the best when this event goes down sometimes, but I've also live streamed the festivities when the weather has been cold, but sunny and beautiful and LeVar Burton has MC'd things, so... sometimes it's worth the risk. If I were closer, I would risk it annually.

Finally, as a special treat leading into Remembrance Day, be sure to check out Dr. Brad Gottfried live and on television with his Good Day PA interview on November 13 at 12:30 pm (EST) at! I'll definitely be tuning in as he discusses his latest release in the Military Atlas Series, The Maps of Fredericksburg. Get your copy now!

Til next Monday, y'all!