Is My Tongue too large?

Is My Tongue too large?


What a few weeks we have had here at Savas Beatie.

But first, I get teased a lot about my tongue. Does this tongue look too big for me? Pop says I have a giraffe tongue, but I pointed out that a giraffe's tongue is purple and mine is a lovely shade of ham-pink.

The Wuhan Flu, coupled with decisions made above my paygrade, have shut down all our accounts, frozen payments, and created real havoc here. Most of my favorite folks have had their hours substantially reduced, and it has been frustrating to say the least. I heard Pop say the other day, "Sometimes I feel like climbing aboard a ship and throwing tea into the sea." I don't know what that means, but I do like it when he tosses Milk Bones onto the floor.

We decided to use social media and ask people to consider purchasing a book to help support independent publishing--but only if they could afford to do so. The outpouring was . . . well . . . humbling. The posts were shared dozens of time, people wrote the most encouraging words, and Pop was left speechless (seriously, he was. And that is rare).

Then customer and friend (and Savas Library invader and book thief) Mark Wade suggested he would buy and offer a set of the 3-volume The Bachelder Papers to whoever spent the most money--and the race was on! Several customers suggested posting the running total, and it became something of a telethon. The orders poured in.

And then we had a problem. Lisa was only coming in 2 hours a day, Sarah C. was working a couple hours a day from home. Who was going to log, process, pack, and ship 125 orders? As my favorite cartoon character says, "Roh Oh!"

According to customer Sam Hood, Teddy's Angels stepped up and got the job done. They had to figure out which of the three locations the books would ship from, when, and how to coordinate. They printed packing slips, stacked up orders, and did it all with good cheer--but insisted Pop stay out of the way! 


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The loving and thankful woofs roll off my generous tongue to you all,

Miss Kenya