Just Act Medium

Just Act Medium

“Don’t act too big. Don’t act too small. Just act medium.”

So instructed the 3 rules the kids composed after building their new clubhouse (if a clubhouse built of cast-off plywood, sheets of tin, and cardboard could be really new.)

The kids’ idea, though, aimed to eliminate the extremes that could destroy their camaraderie and fun.

Maybe these are good guidelines for today, reminding us all to avoid extremes regarding COV-19.

Don’t act phobic -- buying the last 10 cases of toilet paper before heading to the hills.

Don’t act blase -- sneezing or coughing on everyone standing next to you instead of keeping your fever home.

Just act medium -- wash hands often, keep a healthy personal space, keep on hand a reasonable quantity of supplies for your family’s week.

Be well -- from your Savas Beatie family