Kenya--The Publishing Pitbull from . . . Peoria?

Kenya--The Publishing Pitbull from . . . Peoria?


So this was so weird. 

I was walking around the front yard yesterday when a lady in a flashy black Corvette drove past and called out to me by name.

"Kenya! Look, it's that publishing pit bull from Peoria!"

"What? I am not from Peoria!" I woofed back as she sped away. 

"You may not be from Peoria," announced a voice behind me, "But you are something of a primadonna." 

I looked up to see Pop standing there holding something in his hand. He was waving around a new super cool Savas Beatie bookmark.

"What?" I woofed. "I can't control what the gals do at the office. I didn't want to be on a bookmark. They took my picture and bribed me with treats until I didn't know what I was doing."

Pop looked skeptical.

But YOU, dear readers, don't need to be skeptical. 

Without Pop's knowledge or permission, the gals running the show in the office are giving out the new bookmarks FREE with every order.  And on the back of each one is a special discount for ____% off every new order. But I can't tell you how much. You have to get one to find out. 

Just go here and place an order:

My new glasses are stunning, don't you think?

Loving Woofs,

Miss Kenya