Morehouse Monday - Kids Edition!

Morehouse Monday - Kids Edition!

Good morning, Savas Beatie readers! I'm not even going to focus on it being April Fool's Day today. Let's just say that I am not a fan. My Mom was a pretty big prankster back in the day and I think I've gotten my fill of it (as have many of our family friends. Sorry, Anthony - she made me do it!). So, best believe there will be no jokes in this blog. 

Besides that, I just want to quickly get down to business because we have some exciting stuff happening! Readers... actually, I don't need you for this next part. Go ahead and get back to voting in our March Madness match ups for the week. I actually want to speak with your youngsters! So, please pass the screen onto your kids, your grand kids, your nieces and nephews.... NOW!

Hey, kids! We are gearing up and getting ready to release a book I think you're all really going to enjoy - Gettysburg Kids Who Did the Impossible. This book has a lot of really cool stories and pictures to go along with them about what kids just like you were doing during the Civil War! We have tasked our good friend The Eagle Master over at the Gettysburg Heritage Center with checking it out first. He seems pretty excited about it and wanted to give you updates as he reads it. He also has some exciting news for anyone of y'all that might also want to check it out (for free)! So be sure to head on over to the Gettysburg Heritage Center page on Facebook for that on Wednesday (April 3) and be sure to check back with them often!

This will all end with our second annual Kids Day event at the Heritage Center on July 2! While your parents are out walking the battlefields, come on into the Heritage Center for a couple of hours of hands on activities led again by Miss Ecker. This was a super fun event last year and I think it's going to be even more fun this year!

That's it for me - Have a great week, everyone! And kids... watch out for your prankster parents today! I speak from experience!