Moving in Stereo (and Books)!

Moving in Stereo (and Books)!

Happy (and sad) Morehouse Monday to all.

It's happy because I GOT TO SEE ELTON JOHN PERFORM ON FRIDAY! Elton was FANTASTIC! Which should truly come as no surprise. He kicked things off with Benny and the Jets (one of my faves) and KILLED IT the whole way through. He's a legend for a reason!

It's sad because we lost another legend - Ric Ocasek - last night and I am absolutely heart broken. My favorite video (as I was a child of the freshly launched MTV) was 'Magic'. I just adored the guy standing on the pool water. Even though he looked super geeky, I just thought he was the coolest dude ever. I know none of us last forever on this earthly plain, but if ever any of us were able to... Ric struck me as the exact type to pull it off. It's a punch to the gut that it didn't turn out to be that way. Rest in Peace, good sir. The afterlife just got a whole lot cooler.

Ok, so... with that said and done...

I did want to entice the traveling set just a little bit more to be sure to make their airline reservations now for Georgia in November. On top of Scott's appearance at Barrington Hall on Wednesday, November 6 (really AMAZING venue and historical site with a really awesome and fun bunch of regular attendees)... he'll be popping up the next evening at the Civil War Round Table of Cobb County to discuss another of his titles, Flames Beyond Gettysburg! That's right, kids! Two nights of Scott Mingus, but with VARIETY! Hit up both events and I'll personally sign you up for Scott's fan club AND pay your dues! Which... are really just giving treats to Ted's sweet pup, Kenya (also the President of the Scott Mingus Fan Club), so... it's my pleasure, but still! It's a lot of knowledge and a great time to be had.

Be sure to get the details on both events on our calendar located at the bottom of the Savas Beatie webpage ( and I'll start bugging Ted for some Official Scott Mingus fan club shirts. With as much as Scott does, he deserves it!

Thank you everyone! Have an amazing week and rock on with a little Ric Ocasek tonight! (Or Elton or Eddie Money).