My Post-Meetup Newsletter

My Post-Meetup Newsletter


First, let me say how much Sarah Closson, my wife Zoe, and I enjoyed seeing all of you at Gettysburg and Antietam just 12 or so days ago. Organizing one of these is a lot more work than you might think, but it is worth all of it. 

As I have said many times, I see a larger objective here beyond being just a publisher. Many years ago, I realized that producing books offered a larger opportunity to create a community (wide, deep, enthusiastic, and informed) to perpetuate the study of the American Civil War. 

These are two of my life's grand objectives: publishing and building the community. I take them both very seriously.

Publishing in and of itself, however, will not build a community. It is imperative to engage, to interact on many different levels, to meet people, and do what I can to help other people meet one another. This is one of the reasons we began the Savas Beatie Author-Reader Meetups. It is gratifying to see so many good people coming together to break bread, raise a glass, take pictures, talk, engage, listen, learn, and walk the fields--together. 

These events create friendships that would have otherwise never come about, and they will help further the study of the field we love so much. Would you like another word to describe all this? Camaraderie. Look in the mirror and take a bow. None of this is possible without YOU. 

All of us are in this together, and all of us together make a community. 

Now do something with this energy and the multiple threads of opportunity: Engage someone who has only a passing interest in history or the war; invite him/her to the battlefields and to introductory-level books to read and enjoy. Help them catch the Civil War virus. Find younger folks and introduce them to the hobby. Proselytize. 

Primary Source Publishing Projects & Reprinting the Classics 

Part of the successful building of our wonderful community depends on the ability of future writers to research and publish outstanding fresh, and original titles. 

From my way of thinking, that means keeping certain "classic" titles in print. It also means rolling up our sleeves, taking the risk, and producing original primary source projects. 

If you have an interest in helping us republish a book (we have two very important ones on that radar screen right now), and/or would like to own one of the special primary source collections we have underway, just send us an email. No commitment needed, no money upfront. If you have a serious interest, tell us which titles you are interested in adding to your collection. 

** If it's possible, send us one email for each project. It is much easier for Lisa and Angela to keep track of that way. **

We will keep you informed, and when they go to press, we will let you know and arrange for payment details at that time. 

Thank you again for all your support. Ordering directly from our company gives us the ability to keep these books coming. 

As I keep saying, all of us are in this together, and all of us together make us a community. And it is indeed grand and growing.