No Taste Buds - No Turkey

No Taste Buds - No Turkey

Happy Morehouse Monday, everyone! I hope your holiday was filled with food and love and that you managed to walk it all off on Small Business Saturday. I... had no such luck as my annual head cold decided to land on Wednesday. The family went up to Chico and I stayed home on the couch, absolutely positive that I would never breath correctly again. Thankfully, I was wrong and am just about back to normal as of today - whew!

As we begin our descent into Christmas madness (my favorite kind of insanity) and start saying our goodbyes to 2018, we here at Savas Beatie start slowing down a bit. The same can not be said for Janet Croon who is heading BACK TO GEORGIA for a mini-tour of the state. It really is a mini-tour. I learned my lesson last time. If you're in the area (and Georgia sounds like an amazing place to be for the holidays), check her out at the Rotary Club of Downtown Macon on December 5th; the Georgia Genealogical Society at the Georgia Archives on December 8; wrapping it all up with the Northeast Georgia Civil War Round Table on December 9.

Terry Barkley has an event at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, Maryland this Saturday at 2:30 pm for September Mourn (now available in paperback here!) that should not be missed. Especially if you head to Antietam afterwards for their annual Memorial Illumination event. That's what the photo for this week's blog is. It looks amazing and beautiful and just adds to my jealousy of those on the East Coast that get to enjoy events such as these.

Speaking of Antietam, we also have another multi-author event coming up at the battlefield on December 9 featuring Tom Clemens, Brad Gottfried, Robert Orrison, Kevin Pawlak, Alexander Rossino, and Dan Vermilya! That's a lot of Maryland history! (See time details here.)

Thanks a lot everyone! Stay warm and keep reading!