The Bachelder Update!

The Bachelder Update!


(Keep in mind that these clarifications are necessary because the virus messed things up; we calls and emails every day so we are trying to keep you informed.)

1. We only have 21 (TWENTY-ONE) sets left for sale. That's it, and then they are gone.

2. The books are at sea, hit LA first, then north to Oakland, clear customs, get loaded onto a truck and the next day (gulp) an entire pallet or two will be put outside our office door. Me and The Warrior Gals who work with me (that is what they call themselves) will truck them inside.

3. End of first week of September is the latest they are expected. So cross your fingers. This is 2020. The ship could sink just outside Oakland. (God, why did I type that?!)

4. Why print overseas? (We almost never do, and never in a communist country). It is impossible to print in color here in the USA (which is really sad) and we reprinted both "The Maps of Antietam" and "The Maps of Chickamauga" at the same time.
Short high-quality web-press runs (like 500 copies of "The Bachelder Papers" with high-grade cloth, paper, sewn bindings, etc.) are too expensive here in the states and your price would have been MUCH higher. So we printed all three books together. So that's why. Otherwise, we print in the USA, baby.

5. Organizing, processing, packing, and shipping from our small-ish office is akin to U.S. Grant's logistical issues trying to take Vicksburg. (Now I know why he drank. But I drank before this, so never mind.)

6. We will be sending out an email on or about August 25 notifying you that we will be processing credit card orders, etc. And then they will do so. That will take days and days.

7. WE PREFER CHECKS. If you would rather send a check and get $5.00 added to your Savas Beatie account, call or email now and send it in.

8. We will then begin packing, processing, and shipping in the order received. With three or four very organized ladies (Sarah C, Lisa, Lois, and Donna) handling it, I expect it will go smoothly. I will smoke a cigar, put my feet up, and crank some Slash or Deep Purple. Maybe Trini Lopez and toss in some Sinatra.

7. THE DISCOUNT: Remember, you have until Midnight August 15/16 to save 25% on any books we have in stock as a way of saying thank you for your purchase of this set and your patience.
Just use coupon code: PAPERS25

That's it. Thanks for your patience. Carry on.