Where in the World is Theodore P. Savas?

Where in the World is Theodore P. Savas?

Hopefully most of you sung that in your head to the tune of Carmen San Diego. 

Welcome to the week, Savas Beatie readers! And a happy Morehouse Monday to ya!

I did want to pop in with a very special announcement via blog. As you can see from the image for this week's entry, our very own Mr. Theodore P. Savas will be taking a trip up North next month! He'll be providing a publisher's perspective on the discovery, acquisition and release of the Gresham diaries (otherwise known as the amazingly popular, The War Outside My Window). He'll be doing this up in Seattle at the Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable on October 10 at 8 pm (more information can be found here).

While we have some amazing Civil War Roundtables and even a spattering of authors out here on the West Coast, we are still regularly left wishing we were able to revel in it all a little bit more. This will be an amazing opportunity that you won't want to miss if you're ANYWHERE near the area next month. It would also be a great excuse to visit such a wonderful city like Seattle, do some sight seeing, and (at least for those of us out West), get a break from the heat! I've already recommended a couple of tourist spots to Ted that he'll want to hit up (obviously, everything Hendrix and the fish throwers at Pike Place Market). What are your recommendations on can't-be-missed spots in the Seattle-area?

Between this and Scott Mingus' trip to Georgia in November, I'm hoping to stimulate the country's tourism economy. So go book your flights now, readers! And have a great week!