The Maps of Antietam: An Atlas of the Antietam (Sharpsburg) Campaign, including the Battle of South Mountain, September 2 - 20, 1862

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Bradley M. Gottfried
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June 2012
Hardcover, 7 x 10
Maps, biblio, index 350 pp
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About the Book

The Maps of Antietam: An Atlas of the Antietam (Sharpsburg) Campaign is the eagerly awaited companion volume to Bradley M. Gottfried’s bestselling The Maps of Gettysburg (2007) and The Maps of First Bull Run (2009), part of the ongoing Savas Beatie Military Atlas Series.

Now available as an ebook short, The Maps of Antietam: The Siege and Capture of Harpers Ferry, September 12-15, 1862, plows new ground in the study of the campaign by breaking down the entire campaign in 10 detailed full page original maps. These cartographic creations bore down to the regimental level, offering students of the campaign a unique and fascinating approach to studying what may have been the climactic battle of the war.

The Maps of Antietam: The Siege and Capture of Harpers Ferry, September 12-15, 1862 offers one “action-section”:

- The Capture of Harpers Ferry

Gottfried’s original maps enrich each map section. Keyed to each piece of cartography is detailed text about the units, personnel, movements, and combat (including quotes from eyewitnesses) that make the Antietam story come alive. This presentation allows readers to easily and quickly find a map and text on virtually any portion of the campaign. Serious students of the battle will appreciate the extensive endnotes and will want to take this book with them on their trips to the battlefield.

Perfect for the easy chair or for walking hallowed ground, The Maps of Antietam is a seminal work that, like his earlier Gettysburg and First Bull Run studies, belongs on the bookshelf of every serious and casual student of the Civil War.


"The Maps of Antietam is an indispensable resource for any serious student of this pivotal battle and of the larger Maryland Campaign of September 1862. Here, for the first time, are 124 full-page detailed color maps with matching pages of clear and concise narration of the action. Gottfried’s work should be on the shelves of everyone who seeks a good understanding of not only the Battle of Antietam, but of the confusing actions atop South Mountain, around Harpers Ferry, and during the final withdrawal near Shepherdstown. The Maryland Campaign was of vast consequence and importance, and The Maps of Antietam brings it all to life." (John Hoptak, Park Ranger, Antietam National Battlefield)

"Brad Gottfried is a master mapmaker and a fine historian, and he has proven it yet again with The Maps of Antietam. This ground-breaking work is a very important addition to the growing literature on the Maryland Campaign of 1862. Indeed, it is an essential volume on Antietam studies." (Thomas G. Clemens, editor of the two-volume The Maryland Campaign of September 1862 (South Mountain and Antietam), by Ezra A. Carman)

"Brad Gottfried has done the Civil War community a huge favor by reducing a very complex battle to a clear, readable, and concise series of maps with matching text. Based on the Carman-Cope maps of 1908 and other contemporary sources, The Maps of Antietam provides the easiest understanding of the battle I’ve ever seen. It is the next-best-thing to being there!" (Ted Alexander, Chief Historian, Antietam National Battlefield)

"Ideal as a guide for visitors, Civil War re-enactors, and Civil War scholars." (James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review)

"The Maps of Antietam stands as worthy reading on its own. The maps alone offer the opportunity for hours and hours of close scrutiny and informative study. Getting lost in them will be time well spent." (Chris Mackowski, Emerging Civil War)

Dr. Bradley M. Gottfried holds a Ph.D. in Zoology from Miami University. He has worked in higher education for more than three decades as a faculty member and administrator. He recently retired as President of the College of Southern Maryland. An avid Civil War historian, Dr. Gottfried is the author of nine books, including: The Battle of Gettysburg: A Guided Tour (1998); Stopping Pickett: The History of the Philadelphia Brigade (1999); Brigades of Gettysburg (2002); Roads to Gettysburg (2002); and Kearny’s Own: The History of the First New Jersey Brigade (2005). He is currently working with Theodore P. Savas on a Gettysburg Campaign Encyclopedia.