The Ultimate Officer Candidate School Guidebook: What You Need to Know to Succeed at Federal and State OCS

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Ryan N. Pierce
Pub Date:
July 2011
Trade paper, 6 x 9
Photos, charts, 192 pp
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About the Book

Are you a former soldier, sailor, or airman who left the service without getting the most out of your potential? Are you a leader in the civilian sector who knows you have more to give back to the country you love so much? If so, you should consider entering the Army, Army Reserves, or Army National Guard, earn your commission as a Second Lieutenant, and begin or restart an exciting career as a leader in the world’s best military. The Ultimate Officer Candidate School Guidebook explains everything you need to know to achieve these goals.

Earning the right to become an officer in the U.S. Army is an honor and a privilege. There are few ways to achieve a commission in the U.S. Army and the deck is stacked against people and soldiers older than 25 because the training is rigorous and time consuming. However, if you are between 18 and 40, have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college, have or can attain a minimum GT score of 110, and can pass an Army Physical Fitness Test, you can attend Officer Candidate School and earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army. Getting accepted to OCS is not automatic, and your choice of when and where to enter is limited. Federal OCS, held at Fort Benning, Georgia, and the numerous state traditional and fast-track programs offer potential officer candidates a choice about how and when to earn their commission.

Author Ryan Pierce, an OCS graduate and former TAC Officer, offers 19 chapters of information to guide potential candidates down the path of earning a commission in the Army. The Ultimate Officer Candidate School Guidebook covers everything you need to know, from the application process, to stressors from TAC officers while attending OCS, to deciding what branch to choose upon earning your commission. It even includes pages with pre-made terrain model kits to assist you while attending OCS for those who are serious about leadership and finishing strong. Are you up to the challenge?


"A straightforward approach to the necessary values, attitudes, and knowledge you will need to be successful in a State or Federal Officer Candidate School." (LTC James Rollins, OCS Class 1-88, Fort Benning, GA)

"If you think you have what it takes to lead the soldiers of this great nation, this book's for you." (LTC Robert D. Parrish)


Ryan Pierce is a Captain in the Washington Army National Guard. He is a 2004 graduate of the Alabama Military Academy OCS course. He has served one tour in Iraq to date and worked three years as a TAC officer for the state OCS program in support of the Washington Army National Guard. He is currently serving as Commander of the 792nd Chemical Recon Company in Grandview, Washington. Ryan holds an MBA with an emphasis in Change Leadership from City University of Seattle. He resides in Burien, Washington.