Gettysburg! Fast Facts for Kids and Families

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Gregory Christianson
Pub Date:
December 2022
Trade paper, 10 x 7
Photos, illustrations, 144 pp.
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About the Book

Gettysburg! Fast Facts for Kids and Families is a fresh and captivating look at the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863. Our youthful guides, Liam and Jaden, lead us through the human side of the conflict—the eccentric, the unlikely, and the lovable. Witty commentary that is also sympathetic and reverent tells us that we are truly there. Single-page introductions to each day of the battle, action-packed paintings by Dale Gallon, and never-before-seen photographic images provide an uncommon appeal to all ages and interests!




“Gregory Christianson’s books are wonderful! They’re fun and educational for children and adults alike. My grandchildren and I love his work!” - Bradley R. Hoch, author of The Lincoln Trail in Pennsylvania


“My four grandchildren (ages 7 to 12) each have a personal copy of Gregory Christianson’s Gettysburg Kids Who Did the Impossible! The pictures drew their attention first, but it didn’t take long until they came to learn a lot, not only about the battle but also about why it was fought. Christianson’s books bring the importance of a seminal event directly to the hearts and minds of children.” - Baird Tipson, Ph.D., former president, Wittenberg University and author of Hartford Puritanism


“This book is a significant contribution to children’s literature and a great introduction to the Battle of Gettysburg. Of particular importance, in words and pictures, is the inclusion and contribution of African Americans. This book is a great orientation for kids of all ages.” - Nelson T. Strobert, Ph.D., author of Daniel Alexander Payne








Photographer and author Gregory Christianson lives in Gettysburg and has been walking the fields near his family home since he was a child. The idea for this book came about when he realized there were few books suitable for younger readers and families. Greg is the former publisher and editor of the award-winning Unsung Hero magazine, and the author of the well-received The Reconciliation of All Things. He keeps fit by tramping the battlefield in search of the perfect photograph and by coaching and playing soccer at every opportunity.