For your Valentine ...

For your Valentine ...

Have historians no heart? History books no sense of romance? 

I say it isn't so. Just look more deeply into our catalogue of historical books: 

A Civil War Captain and His Lady brings you (or your Valentine) into the challenge, joy, and devotion of a young couple's courtship during the war between the states. Share the romance and courage of Josiah and Jennie as expressed through their letters to each other. (By the way, only a few copies of this hardcover remain, so if you want to love it, act now!)

Does your romantic style involve travel? The Civil War Lover's Guide to New York City provides the trip. "New York City!" you exclaim. If that surprises you, this is your book. Did you know that Stonewall Jackson was baptized in NYC? Can you find the house where Stephen Crane penned his iconic novel about the Civil War? Pick up this gem for your Valentine.



(Spoiler alert: the upcoming ECWS book on Custer includes an appendix on the courtship and marriage of Autie and Libbie. Reserve your copy now of The Most Desperate Acts of Gallantry.)