Your Assignment Should You Choose To Accept It...

Your Assignment Should You Choose To Accept It...

Holy moly, Savas Beatie readers! It has already been one heckuva busy Morehouse Monday!

Let me just dive right in on something you may have already seen on the main Savas Beatie Facebook page. Gene Barr's book, A Civil War Captain and His Lady, is due back from the printer ANY DAY NOW in PAPERBACK FORMAT! I've mentioned before how this was the first title I started to book presentations on prior to and all the way through its initial release. Gene was a first-time author and I was a first time author liaison and I feel like I couldn't have learned the ropes better due to that set up. So, needless to say, I am SUPER EXCITED that this title is about to get its round two in paperback form. Be sure to click on the title within this paragraph to pre-order your copy today!

The next title I wanted to discuss is on the opposite end of that spectrum for me in that it had been released well before I started here at Savas Beatie. This title has oddly been popping up for me here and there recently though and I feel like it's the Universe's way of submitting a Morehouse Monday blog topic request. Normally, I'd say, "Get in line, Universe! Everyone and their Mother wants on my blog!" However, when it's the Universe asking, I happily oblige. So let's talk about Joe Balzer's 'Flying Drunk'. I'm actually going to take this title home and finally get into it and I'd highly recommend you do as well! Hit me up and let's start a virtual reality Book Club to discuss! It sounds like a great read and the fact that the Universe clearly seems to be interested (as well as more than a couple humans) only confirms that fact.

So you have two assignments, readers! Call in and order your copy of 'Flying Drunk' to get you by until your pre-ordered copy of 'A Civil War Captain and His Lady' is in your mailbox!

Til next week, y'all! This message will self-destruct in five seconds.