The Gettysburg Official Records (vol. 27, part 1-3)

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Late December 2021/Early 2022
Hardcover, sewn, 6 x 9
3 vols., 3,334 pages

First printing 450 sets sold out immediately. Only 100 or so sets left, and then we are done. 

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When we first began this OR journey we ordered 250 sets, and the demand grew. It rose to 450 sets ordered and sold.
The Official Records volumes for Gettysburg (vol. 27, parts 1, 2, and 3). 
WHAT ARE THE OFFICIAL RECORDS? No serious study of the American Civil War is complete without consulting the Official Records. Affectionately known as the "OR," the 128 volumes of the Official Records provide the most comprehensive, authoritative, and voluminous reference on Civil War operations. The OR is full of battle reports, letters, telegrams, and other communications organized chronologically. (Gettysburg is in volume 27, parts 1-3). Everything is by the principal leaders who fought the battles and wrote their assessments, or the telegrams, letters, and so forth. The Official Records are thus the eyewitness accounts of the people who fought the war.
v27, pt. 1: Union Reports
v27, pt. 2: Confederate Reports
v27, pt. 3: Everything else (all Gettysburg related)
[The Bachelder Papers, by comparison, are firsthand accounts by veterans of every rank written back and forth to John Bachelder explaining their roles at Gettysburg only!]
Finding a full set of these in very good condition is tough, and for a fair price is darn near impossible.  The CD version is very hard to use, and the online versions are often error-filled, and also hard to use and clunky. Ugh. The inexpensive paperbacks you can get are Print on Demand, cheaply made, and mine fell apart after minimal use. 

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PAGE COUNT: Roughly 3,340 pp. total. (More than 1,000 pages longer than The Bachelder Papers!

BINDING: Heavy buckram covers for long use, SEWN & GLUED for what we call "forever use," with matching head and foot bands. 

STAMPING: Gold foil on the spine

PAPER: high quality acid-free, 40# to match the OR last printing. 
PRINT RUN: In a word, small.