Confessions of a Military Wife

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Mollie Gross
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November 2015
Trade paper, 6 x 9
Images, 305 pp
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About the Book

I remember when I hit rock bottom. There I was with no make-up on, hadn't showered, eating raw cookie dough out of the tube, hitting on the toothless bagger at the commissary, and ordering jewelry off the TV. And that was just my first day!

Now in paperback, Confessions of a Military Wife is an honest, witty, and often hilarious look at the life of the new generation military wife. Mollie Gross learned the hard way to laugh instead of cry at what she could not control as a military spouse-and as she quickly discovered, nearly everything was out of her control!

A standup comedienne, public speaker, and wife of a Marine Corps officer, Mollie explores everything about the "issued" spouse, from deployment and the stress of having a husband in a combat zone, to the realization that marriage changes when your husband returns home from war. Nothing is taboo or out-of-bounds in Confessions, including the "parties" military wives throw for themselves before hubby returns. (You'll have to read the book to find out about those!)

More than one million American servicemen have deployed to war over the last few years, which means the lives and lifestyles of military wives are now front and center in the public's curiosity. How do they live? What is their day-to-day life like? How do they interact? How do they deal with weeks and months of separation? The answers will surprise (and in some cases, shock) you. Confessions teaches all women, whether civilian or military, that they can learn to find the funny side of anything by embracing the situation and changing their perspective. And now they can do so with humor and levity, and a little wisdom.

Evocative and provocative, Confessions of a Military Wife is a can't-put-down book that will leave you laughing and crying at the same time.



"Some things just need to be said. Some are ugly, some hilarious, and all of them are in Mollie's Confessions of a Military Wife. Her 'no-holds-barred' account of what it was like during her first four years of being married to a Marine, dealing with the moves, wartime deployments, and life on the home front, will leave you laughing, crying, and shaking your head in disbelief asking yourself, 'Did she REALLY just say that!?' Mollie uses humor as a tool to deliver a powerful message to military wives about staying positive and taking life as it comes. Confessions is a must-read for every military wife--and everyone else who wants to get an inside glimpse of the life of a military wife."
-- Kristine Schellhaas, founder USMC Life
"This book will have you laughing so hard you cry, but mostly nodding your head in agreement. As Confessions aptly demonstrates, military spouses lead interesting lives. Leave it to Mollie to turn some of our most candid military spouse moments into fits of laughter!"
-- Tara E Crooks, military lifestyle writer, speaker, talk radio host, and co-founder of Army Wife Network (
"Better put on your big girl panties for this wild ride! Mollie's Confessions is not for the faint of heart. She expresses her faith, but nothing is sacred, so if you can handle the minute details of a Brazilian wax and what Bunco parties are really all about, dive right in. Prepare to be uplifted, and by that I mean right out of your chair. You'll either laugh uncontrollably or throw the book across the room. Either way,Mollie's tales of her life as a Marine wife will not leave you unmoved."
-- Terri Barnes, "Spouse Calls," Stars and Stripes
"Underneath this crafty blend of humor, kindred friendships,and life changing experiences lies the universal wisdom applicable to generations of military spouses, past, present, and future. Mollie's comical epiphanies depict her resilience as she grapples with familiar military spouse dilemmas: marriage, deployments, self-discovery, PCS, and career changes. Confessions of a Military Wife is a must-read book, and bound to become a hallmark of contemporary military spouse titles."
-- Tanya Queiro, 2009 Military Spouse of the Year
"My husband was out of the army for two years before I read Mollie's book. He and I rarely talked about deployment and how it affected our relationship. After reading the book I felt comfortable and knowledgeable on how to talk to my husband. Our relationship changed for the better and continues to strengthen each day. I credit Mollie and her book for opening our lines of communication and will forever be grateful."
-- Julie Murphy, Reality TV producer, E!, Style, Bravo, Oprah Winfrey Network
"Mollie's book should be in the hands of every military wife, or anyone curious about the inside scoop on military life. It is refreshing for those of us who have been waiting for someone to tell it like it is! I went from shock to crying and laughing all in one paragraph! Her comedy shows were always the most anticipated event on Camp Pendleton, and I am glad she can now share her hilarious experiences with everyone!"
-- Melody Abshear, Enlisted Wives Club President, Camp Pendleton, 2007-2009
"Confessions is about the wonderful and funny moments of base living--and the culture shock of life as a Marine Corps wife. Any page will give you a quick infusion of laughter that will get you through your day."
-- April Popaditch, Military wife of Nicholas Popaditch (Gunnery Sgt., Ret., USMC), author of Once a Marine

Mollie Gross is a former Marine Spouse, author, standup comedienne, and public speaker. She uses comedy and quick wit to encourage and inspire other military wives through the challenges of the military lifestyle. She lives with her husband Jon in Los Angeles.