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David and Audrey Ladd
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June 2020
Vol. 1: 736 pp., Vol. 2: 624 pp., Vol. 3: 768 pp.
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Foreword (2020) by Eric J. Wittenberg

Original Introduction by Dr. Richard Sauers (facsimile reprint)

Vol 1: First Battle Reports-Letters Sample of Alexander Webb (USA) and Col. Van Manning (CSA)

Vol 2: Letter from Lt Col. Huidekoper, 150th PA Inf.

Vol 3: William C. Oates Letters (15th Alabama, CSA)



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  • Vol. 1: 736 pp., Vol. 2: 624 pp., Vol. 3: 768 pp. [2,128 PAGES!]
  • 6 x 9;
  • 50-lb. acid-free paper;
  • Black high quality cloth, with head and foot bands;
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Except for the Official Records volumes, this 3-volume set is the most important firsthand collection of accounts ever published on the Battle of Gettysburg. Anyone interested in the war in general, or Gettysburg in particular, will want a set.


John B. Bachelder was a painter, lithographer, and photographer, but is best known as the historian of the Battle of Gettysburg and the key driving force behind preserving much of the Gettysburg battlefield.  Bachelder corresponded and met with hundreds of Union and also some Confederate soldiers, toured the field with many, and helped map where the units were on the field, and what they did there. Most of the older monuments on the field today are where they are today thanks to his years of unceasing labor.

His thousands of pages of reports, journal entries, notes, letters, etc. were in the New Hampshire Historical Society, where David and Audrey Ladd discovered them. They were transcribed, and originally published in a small run by Morningside Books in 1995. All letters are typeset for easy reading.

There is no source that comes more highly recommended for readers interested in the Gettysburg battle, or the Civil War in general.

About the Editors: David and Audrey lad met at the University of New Hampshire. They married in David’s senior year before Dave (ROTC) went into the Air Force, took pilot training, and served as an aide to General Keith Compton. After his military service, David worked for Minute Maid as Director of Advertising and New Products, and as a stringer reporter for Time Life covering the early missile launches from Cape Canaveral. David's had long been interested in the Civil War, but it was Audrey's interest in history and genealogy led her to discover that the Bachelder Papers were at the New Hampshire Historical Society. After viewing the originals, the Ladds purchased a set on microfilm and bought a microfilm viewer. Audrey transcribed them for David, who edited them. They papers were so remarkable and valuable that they obtained permission from the Society to publish them, found a publisher (Morningside) who agreed to print them as written, warts and all, and spent the next seven years on their labor of love and the accompanying maps. Over the years, David, who retired at age 85 and died in 2017, built a fine library of Civil War books including many first editions of regimentals (mostly of New England units). He left behind a daughter, a son, and a great-grandson who are following his fascination with the Battle of Gettysburg.