The Carman Papers: The Maryland Campaign of 1862

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Thomas G. Clemens
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2 vols., cloth, images, sewn binding.
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Think The Bachelder Papers of the Maryland Campaign--ONLY BETTER.


Vol. 1: Union letters and associated documents.


Vol. 2 Confederate letters and associated documents.


All were transcribed from longhand and fully footnoted by Dr. Clemens.


Incredible material, with dozens of hand-drawn maps supplied to Carman by various soldiers. This collection unlocks the key to the entire campaign and will be used to write books and articles on the Maryland Campaign from now to forever. (FALL 2024.)


110 preorders and climbing . . .


Thomas G. Clemens earned his doctoral degree at George Mason University, where he studied under Maryland Campaign historian Dr. Joseph L. Harsh. Tom has published a wide variety of magazine articles and book reviews, has appeared in several documentary programs, and is a licensed tour guide at Antietam National Battlefield. A retired professor from Hagerstown Community College, he also helped found and is the current president of Save Historic Antietam Foundation, Inc., a preservation group dedicated to saving historic properties.